A camp focused in bringing positive changes.

Our Goal

As an organization, we primarily work among children, teens and youth; this has opened our eyes to work on the many challenges this young generation face.

We are burdened by the plight of teens in our country. Many of them yearn to have a guidance in their lives, someone to help them through the mayhem of everyday life. It is with this vision that this camp is designed. That our teens may be thoroughly equipped to go back and engage themselves in their own life more effectively, to become the person that they were created to be.

NOTE:No Onsite Reigistration

What Are We Here For

Life as a teenager can sometimes be pretty frustrating & overwhelming. Demands from parents and peers, pressure to look and act a certain way, hypocrisy & compromise all around...It's a never ending list! Life's currents are bigger and stronger than we actually perceive them.

The topics that are usually addressed are:

  • Peer Pressure
  • Self Esteem
  • Media
  • God
  • Purity
  • Temptation
  • Identity Crisis

2018 Theme


  • It was useful/concise/excellent/eye opener/very very good/helpful/fine/informative.
  • Learnt a lot/Superb experience/answered my doubts.
  • Most of the important issues among the teens were discussed.
  • Was able to relate and identify myself with each topic.
  • Realization about the importance of faith and salvation.