How we think

  • Our commitment to Christ is the basis of our work.
  • We work based on our individual calling, developing core competencies in specific areas.
  • We adjust our agenda to fit God’s personal and supernatural direction through His Holy Spirit.

How we work

  • We believe in executing all our work through sufficient prayer support.
  • We under promise and over deliver.
  • We plan the work and work the plan.
  • We coordinate our work with all those who are involved.
  • We upgrade our individual and collective capabilities.
  • We strive to do the right thing regardless of the consequence.
  • We accept partners on the potential to effect meaningful and lasting change.
  • We strive hard so that nothing we do lacks quality.

How we behave

  • We build healthy relationships.
  • We improve each other.
  • We focus on and abandon ourselves to the strengths of others.
  • We work hard, and enjoy what we do and finish well.

Each person

  • Keeps improving our character with God.
  • Work on two specific areas of character which need overhaul.
  • We write down our goals and work hard to achieve them.
  • Make an assessment of relationships in our life that are good and bad from time to time.
  • We believe that we are in need of friendships and fellowship.